Dental Implants in Bakersfield

Dental Implants in Bakersfield, CA, 93309

Dental Implants (Restorative Phase Only)

Dental implants are among the most popular solutions to cases of missing teeth. It doesn't matter why you need the implant – whether it is to fill a gap left by a single tooth or a series of them – there is a range of specific issues that can be fixed using this treatment. Below are a few things that make dental implants the crème de la crème of tooth loss solutions.

They can fix your smile

Aesthetic enhancement is one of the main targets of this multifaceted treatment. If you lose a front tooth, you would certainly want it replaced with something of similar size, shape and color. Implants can help you achieve this as the shape and hue of your teeth are considered before a crown is fixed on the implant.

They can help maintain the shape of your jaw

Loss of teeth can lead to gradual weakening of your jawbone. This may cause the jaw to shift resulting in a sunken look on your face. Implants fill the gap left behind and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting and weakening the jawbone.

Implants can help restore your ability to chew

A single missing tooth can ravage your ability to bite and chew, and even make you want to avoid certain foods due to pain and irritation on gums.

Luckily, an implant or set of implants can restore that and make chewing seamless again. It will also save your gums from inflammation and pain. You only need to care for the prosthetic as much as you do your natural teeth.

There is a multitude of other ways implants can solve problems that arise from losing one or more of your teeth. Talk with your dentist today to learn more about the benefits of dental implants.

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