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Your first visit to Healthy Smiles Kids & Family Dental in Bakersfield, CA familiarizes you with our dentist and staff. We gather information our staff needs to address your dental concerns. We understand that all patients are unique and require specific needs.

New Patient Form

Please download, print and complete this form before your first dental appointment.


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It's not easy finding a dentist you can feel comfortable sharing your problems with and trust they will treat you right. We are sharing below the things all patients looking for a dentist should consider before making their choice.


Modern technology helps make dental procedures easy, quick and more accurate. Dentists who care about their patients incorporate the latest technologies in their practice.

Location and working hours

Choose a dentist that is located close to your home such that you can schedule an appointment at any time and make it to their office in time. Also, ensure their working hours coincide with when you and members of your family are available for appointments.

Customer reviews

There is no better person to tell you about the quality of service of a dentist than one who has been to their office. Check their website and social media pages to see how past and present clients rate their services.

Cost of their services

Ensure the services of the dentist you select are not exaggerated regardless of the quality they offer. Check if your insurance covers them to avoid late disappointments. Also, check to see if they offer any discounts for new patients.

Services they offer

To avoid inconveniences and the hassle of having to move from one office to another seeking services that your dentist for some reason doesn't offer, choose a dentist that offers as many dental services in their office as possible.

If you are in Bakersfield and are looking for a dentist with most of these requirements in their repertoire, check out Healthy Smiles Kids & Family Dental. We are currently accepting new patients and would love to make you and your family party of our client base.

We offer customized services and adopt a flexible program that can accommodate even the tightest of schedules. Call us today at 661-377-6453 or visit our office to get registered.