root canal

The 5 Basic Stages Of A Root Canal

A root canal is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the live part of the tooth due to irreversible pulpitis on the pulp or some other form of damage. The pulp and nerve can be inflamed or infected due to cracks and fractures, deep decay, excessive enamel and dentine wear, and sometimes due to gum disease.

The root canal procedure comprises of the following stages:

Stage #1 – X-rays

X-rays may be taken to determine the extent of the infection or decay, and if the tooth is healthy enough to be drilled.

Stage #2 – Numbing of tooth

The procedure can be pretty invasive, hence a local anesthetic is applied to make it pain-free and comfortable. Once you’re numb and ready, a rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to separate the tooth and the rest of the mouth.

Stage #3 – Drilling of the tooth

An access hole is made on the tooth to allow the dentist to access the pulp. This hole may be in different positions depending on the tooth being treated.

Stage #4 – Removal of the pulp and nerve

The dentist uses the access hole to pull out the pulp using special instruments. Your tooth will be washed clean after.

Stage #5 – Filling of the tooth

A material called gutta percha is fed into the now empty tooth canals. Composite resin or another filling material is used to seal the access hole.

Receive a root canal today

Root canals provide arguably the most reliable way to save a decaying tooth and foil future infections, sensitivity, and pain. Visit a dentist today to see if your aching tooth qualifies for a canal treatment.

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