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The 4 Things That Dentists Do During Denture Fitting

A denture is a removable replacement for lost teeth in one or both arcs. They can serve as both a temporary or long-term solution for individuals who have lost their teeth either through an accident, gum disease, decay and genetic effects.

The two types of dentures are full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures are used when the patient has lost most or all of their teeth in one or both arcs while partial dentures replace only a few teeth. Here are the four steps your dentist will take you through before and during the fitting appointment.

Step #1 – Confirm that you’re eligible for the procedure

Your dentist will examine your gums and remaining teeth, if any, to ensure you don’t have gum disease or any other oral infection. Note that the procedure may be tweaked if you’re found to have periodontal disease.

Step #2 – Take impressions of your mouth and arcs

Since dentures are custom-made, your dentist will take impressions of your arcs and use them to make create your units. You will be asked to bite into a dental putty mold for this.

Step #3 – Send the impressions to a dental laboratory

Your dentist will send the impression of your mouth to a laboratory where the dentures will be fabricated. If you need any changes made to your natural tooth alignment, adjustments will be made on the mold impression before being sent.

Step #4 – Fit the dentures

A fitting appointment is scheduled once your dentist receives the finished dentures back from the laboratory.

Full and Partial Dentures in

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